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Most homeowners don’t realize attic insulation loses it’s full R-Rating (the thermal value) after 12-15 years as it settles. That is why Insulation Ninja specializes in blow in insulation. We are convinced it is the quickest, most effective, and practical way to bring your home comfort and energy savings into the 21st century. In fact, insulating is one of the only areas of home improvement that will actually make you money. Within just a few minutes on our site you will be able to determine 1) if you need insulation 2) how much it will cost and 3) how to get it FREE! That’s right, we said F-R-E-E!

Unfortunately, most homes that are 12-15 yrs. old or older are under-insulated. It is just an undeniable truth. We don’t view ourselves as selling a product. Rather, Insulation Ninja provides a service so you can…Beat the HEAT & Kick the COLD!



Your energy savings on a standard insulation project will normally recoup costs in 4-5 years. But who wants ‘standard’ or ‘average’? This is the USA and you deserve better! With Insulation Ninja’s $100 instant coupon, our $100 additional discount, and the unmatched generosity of our exclusive Lifetime Loyalty Program you can actually get your project FREE. After that, it’s all gravy… You actually make money on all that energy savings! As we like to say: Go PINK & Save GREEN!

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